About Bilyana

The search

Oct 2006: “My purpose, my motivation – they´re all gone. I don´t feel them. I have to find the answers. I have to find out how brave I am to do the things I say I want to do… What are the things that are really important?… I´ll never find that happiness… What sense does it make?… I felt so close to my limit, I don´t know how much I can bear. My positive thinking, my motivation, my dreams , my wishes – they all left me. There is nothing there now, I feel empty. I have to go, I have to find the answers, I have to find my peace, my way back. I´m so lost!”

stewart gilchristAs it happens with many, at some point Bilyana felt lost, without a purpose. She was looking for something, but not sure what she was looking for – something to give sense to life, something to fill this emptiness she was feeling. She went to try many different things in search of self-discovery, answers and personal development until she got to her first yoga class – it was in London with Stewart Gilchrist. It was a really tough class so it took three weeks for her to get the courage to go and try another of his classes. She will be always grateful to him for his guidance, devotion and humility. And since then she didn´t stop – she knew she had found something of great value, so she just kept on practising. She wasn´t sure where it was going but this time she knew is the right way, it made sense.

She was a computer science graduate and at that time she was working for a company in Central London programming but also found a lot of passion in the practice of yoga. Curiosity and constant enquiry eventually led her to a daily practice, little by little integrating different aspects of the yoga in her life.

The beginning of her classes

The best way for something to appear in your life is when you´re not looking for it, but when it comes you know that´s exactly what you were missing.

yoga in the parkIn 2009 she was living in Barcelona and looking for places and people to share the practice and the life of yoga in all of its different faces and shades. She and her good friend Marija were looking for a group that does yoga in the park and at that time they found none. So they decided to create one: Yoga Challenge in Barcelona. Neither of them was a teacher at that time, the idea was to organize an event where people with an interest for yoga can meet up, practice together and share their experience. So they programmed the first event “yoga in the park” thinking that no one would come, but then 15 people signed up for it. They got a bit nervous, it seemed there were many people that never practised yoga in their life and they were asking for someone to show them something. Letting them know no one of them is a teacher, they shared what they knew. Bilyana gave the class and then she started repeating it on each Sunday. The group started growing, so she decided she needed to go a little bit deeper in the practice so she can then share it with others.

The studies

yoga teacher training thailandShe completed her 200hrs Teachers training of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2009 with Paul Dalaghan and Neil Barker in Centered Yoga, Thailand, certified by Yoga Aliance. Then she continued her studies in “Anatomy and Yin Yoga” with Jose de Groot, “Dynamic Yoga” with Godfrey Devereux, Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga with Simon Borg Olivier, Rocket yoga with David Kyle, “Pregnancy Yoga Flow” with Nadia Narain, “Hatha Raja Yoga” with Andrei Ram, “Yoga Nidra” con Gabriela Angueira. With a lot of help and guidance in her everyday practice by Amelie Strecker, Hojung Audenaerde and Aleix G. Rios. And then many workshops, teachers, family and people that entered her life, enriching her path, and the greatest master of all being the experience of her own personal practice.

The beginning of La Shala

5-amigosFive friends joined together by the love for yoga, decided to create a place, they called it La Shala. It´s not a yoga school, it´s a place where people can come, practice and grow together. Because of their love and passion for yoga, they wanted to create a meeting place between teachers, students, practitioners and anyone else searching to share their spiritual path.