Abhyasa – regular, dedicated practice

bilyana - practica constanteThrough constant, sincere and dedicated practice one starts recognizing the true nature of the mind.

A regular practice is essential for the yoga system to start to work.

In theory it all seems to have a lot of sense and we agree with it but when we have to do it – it comes the difficult part. Even the most serious and dedicated practitioners will have a day when they get up and feel a bit lazy and they don´t feel like doing the practice. When we hear about someone practising every day, sometimes we think – I can´t do it, I don´t have the time. And I will say, yes, sometimes we truely won´t have the time to do a 2 hrs practice a day. But more often we find the excuses not to do it, many times we stay 15 min more sleeping instead of getting up and taking advantage of this time, the little it is – for 10 min of meditation and 5 sun salutations. I have been practising for 8 years, for 6 with a daily practice. And sometimes yes, I feel a bit lazy, sometimes yes, it takes a little bit more effort to unroll the mat and start, sometimes yes, I don´t find the time and I accept that that day I won´t do my regular practice and I allow myself a rest day without feeling guilty about it. But other times – yes, it is laziness, it´s a question to start, it´s a question to put a little bit more will and determination. Many times I decide to just do few sun salutations and it´s a question to start and many times after that, I find myself wanting to do a little more and I add few standing postures, then maybe an inverted posture, then a twist, savasana (the relaxation), which is the best, then maybe I feel like sitting in silence for few moments and just like this I end up doing a full practice.It´s a way to take it easy, I start with the minimum and then if I deel like continuing – great, and if not – it´s ok too.

One of the important things I have found is that the practice has to be done every day – it might be just 5 min of meditation, it might be just 1 sun salut, it might be a whole practice, but it´s something every day. In this way the practice settles and it starts to be a part of my life little by little.I try to include small portions of practice in different moments of the day – starting each day with 5 min pranayama right after the shower, in the bathroom, 5 min with eyes closed at the beginning of each class, it might be the decision to cultivate tolerance with everyone that crosses my day. It´s not practice only the moment when you unroll your mat, but it´s how you think, how you talk, how you relate to people 24hrs of the day. If you decide to do 15 min of practice bit you do it regularly every day, it will have much more effect than doing a full class once a week. Look for a way to incorporate yoga in your daily life. Choose a minimum with which you can commit every day or start with twice per week o 5 times per week or whatever, but make it regular.

bilyana - baddha konasanaCon toda la determinación, muchas veces en el día o la hora de la práctica surgen cosas que pueden empujarla al margen. Muchas veces nos decimos hoy no la voy a hacer porque me surgió uno y otro, la hago mañana. Luego mañana surge otra cosa, y perdemos otro día de práctica. No es cuestión de que si no la hago hoy, la hago mañana, esto para mi nunca ha funcionado. La práctica de mañana no reemplaza la práctica de hoy. Hago lo que puedo hacer hoy, este día, aunque sea 5 min de meditación, mañana ya es un nuevo día y otra vez haré lo que puedo. Me ha ayudado, tener mis propias rutinas, aunque dentro de ellas tengo libertad para variar.

Luego claro, hacer autopráctica en casa requiere mucha más disciplina – para algunas personas funciona, para otras casi imposible, por eso son las clases – también para aprender a hacer las varias tecnicas corectamente pero incluso más importante – recibir el apoyo del grupo. Cada uno ha notado, que en grupo suele hacer mucho más de lo que hace solo en casa. La energía del grupo, el espacio dedicado a la práctica, todo esto ayuda a nuestra motivación. Está bien tener auto-práctica pero de vez en cuando está bien venir y compartir tu práctica y energía con la comunidad (la Sangha). Nos inspira y nos motiva.

Estamos todos en el camino y de vez en cuando nuestros caminos se cruzan y compartimos momentos preciosos!